Monthly Archives: September 2009

No return to the status quo ante?

The stock market and some of the respected commentators think the recession is over. Others, including the Bank of England, are not so sure. You could be forgiven for being confused!! Recession means different things to different people and businesses are affected in different ways. Interest rates are at an historic low and may remain… Read More »

Too early to say

Asked in the 1970s what he thought about the effects of the French Revolution, Chinese Premier at the time Zhou Enlai  famously replied, “It is too early to say”.  Currently there are a large number of reports from a variety of sources that the end of the recession is here and that the good times… Read More »

A twitter autumn on its way

As autumn approaches and the dawn chorus starts at a time more closely associated with my normal waking up time, I am still waiting to hear of litigation involving a tweet.  Tweets may seem inconsequential but they could easily be disclosable. The scenario is obvious. A is involved in a deal with B and as… Read More »

Opus Interruptus

In his article for The Harvard Business Review Death by Information Overload Paul Hemp cites research that reveals not only how our personal wellbeing but also our productivity can be affected by the ever increasing volume of information available to us.  Hemp claims that the sheer volume of information to be assimilated threatens our decision making and… Read More »

A drop in the ocean?

Last weekend’s Sunday Times Business section carried an article by Danny Fortson and Kate Walsh about the advisers working on the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The pictures at the top of the article showing a grim faced Dick Fuld, former Chief Executive, and one of the workers who lost her job that fateful day almost one… Read More »

At large in Peterborough

Visiting Peterborough last week to talk to a group of lawyers about Smart e-Discovery,  I found myself walking past the magnificent ancient cathedral in the centre of this otherwise (some would say) unexceptional modern town. With an hour to kill before the presentation, I wandered into the cathedral ..   [and those of you who don’t… Read More »