Monthly Archives: February 2011

Out of kilter

Have you noticed how Network Rail persists in the use of the unfashionable word “alight” when talking to its “customers” ( I always think of myself as a passenger) about getting off a train? Have they got a secret supply of 1920s signs or tapes recorded in a different era which they continue to use… Read More »

Me Tarzan, you Jane

It’s a jungle out there. Where does most of a company’s electronically stored information (ESI) reside? If you need to retrieve ESI for the purposes of litigation where do you turn? In the days before electronic documents, lawyers and their clients would ferret about in old files, even older filing cabinets and possibly in warehouse… Read More »

Bribery, corruption and the free lunch

It is nigh on impossible to open a serious newspaper or magazine these days without finding an article on the Bribery Act 2010 which was supposed to come into force in April 2011, after publication of the guidance promised by the Government. I recall that such guidance was to be published three months before the… Read More »

You are old, father William…

How many partners do you know in law firms who are aged over 55?

The editor of Legal Week, Alex Novarese, in a recent post in the Editors’ blog speculated that there were a number of factors militating in favour of a review of the former destructive practice of law firms in this country to pension off partners as soon as possible after 50 and certainly by 55.