Monthly Archives: November 2011

Postscript from Munich

If bits and bobs can tickle my fancy in some strange metaphorical way I would like to share with you four observations which struck me from the panel sessions at the recent IQPC event in Munich. Firstly, Ronni Solomon of King & Spalding, Atlanta referred to a case which resulted in high level executives having to… Read More »

Postcard from Munich

Worryingly, I have realised that it is almost a lifetime ago that I was last in Munich. Actually that is not quite true because I was there about 5 years ago to watch a performance of Pygmalion in which my daughter was acting, but, fun as that was, my memories of Munich are from the… Read More »

The moral of the tale

Did you know that India has over 600,000 lawyers? The profession in India is said to be the second largest in the world. No prizes for guessing that the US has the largest number of lawyers at a truly staggering 1,143,358 registered and active lawyers in 2007. I have been unable to find a more… Read More »

Here comes the judge

If you thought that it is only English judges who are telling our futures with their comments on the future of litigation and processes then you need to be aware that the pace of change in other jurisdictions continues apace. In a recent article in Law Technology News, Mark Michels, Silicon Valley consultant and formerly litigation… Read More »


Ask any group of people if they know the meanings of the words “synonym” and “antonym” and I guarantee a majority will know the definition of both. Ask the same group of people how they would define “contranym” and I am fairly certain you will be met with blank stares. Rather like English law which… Read More »

Out of juice

Is there a conspiracy out there? I do not normally subscribe to such thoughts but on occasions I have to accept that there seems to be an unfortunate conjunction of events to say the least. A few weeeks back, at a time when some 40 million users of BlackBerries around the world from Europe to… Read More »