Monthly Archives: January 2013

Millnet’s expert stars in TCC case

In a decision in the TCC at the end of last year, Mr Justice Coulson decided that the court had the power under CPR Order 31 to order that a search for documents to be carried out on behalf of the defendants be carried out by a properly qualified independent third party. Millnet’s Stuart Clarke… Read More »

Coughs and sneezes

There was a time when it was genuinely possible to describe software used in e-disclosure in terms which effectively distinguished between particular offerings on the basis of the “bells and whistles” which one bit of technology possessed in contrast to the next piece of software. Nowadays, I believe it is widely accepted that many of… Read More »

Four steps to happiness

It never ceases to amaze me how one thing leads on to another. Let me explain! Recently, I was referred to a blog written by someone of whom I had never heard. Nothing unusual in that, you may say, but bear with me. Jim Rosenblum of Stamford, Connecticut civil litigation, administrative and health care law… Read More »