Civil Disputes

Civil disputes - Bosworth FieldWith over 30 years’ experience as a litigator, I am used to getting my hands dirty in an effort to achieve a good result for my clients. Increasingly, however, clients want a different approach; one which is more flexible than the bare litigation process and more cost effective and which leads to a quicker resolution of the dispute than is usually possible by going to court. One way of satisfying this requirement is to make intelligent use of mediation and other dispute resolution and negotiation skills. As an accredited mediator, I know how to work with the parties to a dispute to achieve a result with which they are comfortable.

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Sometimes there is a need for old fashioned litigation to resolve a dispute. Often, however, clients find that a different approach will yield results and advantages more quickly than going through the courts. Working with individuals and teams and helping them to understand that they can resolve disputes without going to court, will often achieve not only the resolution of the differences which separate them but can lead to a better understanding of how they can work together in future for their mutual benefit.


ediscoveryRecently, lawyers and their clients have come to understand that technology must be part of the project management of a dispute. There is simply too much data around for it to be possible to continue to handle it in the traditional (manual/paper) way. Pressure on fees and budgets from clients and the courts means that an understanding of the tools available in the marketplace is essential to the practice of the law today. After 7 years as a director of a major independent legal data services company, I am ideally placed to help lawyers and their clients find the right solution to the problems of data management in a way which leads to a sensible and profitable outcome for both.

Litigation Support

  • As a litigator with eDiscovery experience I can offer support to in house Counsel who do not have the time to manage the eDiscovery/mediation process and/or are unwilling to outsource these requirements. Assistance will range from merely advising on the discovery/disclosure phase of a dispute to managing the litigation from within an organisation. Taking strategic advice before the problem becomes acute is often the best way forward and saves money in the long run.
  • I can also provide advice and support to General Counsel who are not litigators. Advice will typically be in the areas of process, litigation hold requirements, destruction policies, privilege and collection of data. I can assist lawyers work out what they have got and how best to deal with it strategically.
  • Acting as a case manager seconded to a clients’ business when the lawyer identifies that a client needs more help.
  • Advising law firms on how best to manage their litigation in today’s costs sensitive environment.