Monthly Archives: August 2012

Two peas in a pod

It used to be said that the UK and America were two peoples separated by a common language. Apart from the obvious “Tomahto”, “Tomaydo” which is really only a difference in pronunciation, we are all familiar with the American “line” instead of “queue” or the “trunk” of the car instead of the British “boot.” Numerous… Read More »

..but it pours

In a post called It never rains… [Smart e-Discovery, 15th March, 2012], I reported on a case where Mr Justice Richards was critical of the attitude one party adopted towards e-disclosure. Describing their approach to disclosure he said: “There is a sort of lackadaisical view in relation to this category.” The case is a property… Read More »

The rise and rise of predictive coding

On the basis that when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold, it is as well to take note of happenings across the water. Sharon Nelson’s Ride the Lightning service keeps me abreast of developments in the US.  Sharon’s latest piece entitled ABA Survey Shows Rapid Rise in Predictive Coding [Ride the Lightning,… Read More »

Flavour of the month

Suddenly everyone is talking about forensics. It cannot be just because the Olympics are over, or that The Lawyer has just published its latest table listing the top 100 UK law firms, revealing that as often happens with statistics, different results can be achieved using the same data but in different ways. It seems that… Read More »

A devilish problem

Dominic Lawson’s Sunday Times article dated 5th August 2012, entitled “To sell your soul, Faust, press Return”, suggested that our relationship with the computer has “become the modern equivalent of the Faustian pact” on the basis that computers and the internet have provided humans with such a wealth of information that there is an inevitable… Read More »

Friends, Romans, countrymen..

I have been away. My timing is not always good. It was not until I paid my third visit to Rome that the authorities removed the scaffolding from the front of St Peter’s allowing an uninterrupted view of the magnificent façade, and I never did see inside the cathedral in the Plaza Mayor in Cusco… Read More »