Monthly Archives: November 2010

Waking the dead

“The adage that dead men tell no tales has long been disproved by archaeology… So begins a fascinating article in the magazine Science Daily – Teeth Of Columbus’ Crew Flesh Out Tale Of New World Discovery 20th March, 2009 We are all familiar with television cold case programmes, such as Waking the Dead  where Trevor Eve and… Read More »

Vox stellarum

The party season is upon us already. Having concluded a week of festivities celebrating my birthday recently and fresh, if that is the right word in the circumstances, from the Millnet 15th birthday party at the top of the Millbank Tower with fireworks courtesy of the Mayor of London (thanks Boris!), my thoughts are increasingly… Read More »

Data protection

I am occasionally asked about EU data privacy laws and how they impact on the discoverability of European documents in US litigation. Denise Backhouse, associate in the eData group at US law firm, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, has written an article on this very subject for Guidance Software (who provide EnCase e-discovery software for her… Read More »