Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Tower

Those two words and all the menace they contain must have overshadowed the lives of many of the inhabitants of these islands over the centuries. After all, being sent to The Tower meant damp and insanitary conditions, poor food and rough treatment leading often to ignominious execution. Remember Thomas More and Anne Boleyn to name… Read More »

A poke in the eye

idea of poking someone in the eye with the end of a biro is not one which occupies my mind a lot. I have to say, however, that the prospect of damage is high. The mere thought of a sharp pointed object being forcibly thrust into a soft and delicate object like an eye not… Read More »

Oeds & Bods

Has the Oxford University Press printed its last book? This may appear startling to those of you who thought that the OUP was one of the great bastions of the printed word. As someone who passes the premises of the Cambridge University Press each week on the train, and an Oxonian, I was immediately drawn… Read More »

Squid & cream

With summer coming to an end (although the recent weather over the Bank Holiday suggests this has already happened) we can look forward with keen anticipation to what the autumn and the first half of 2011 will bring. Incidentally, why do we all still have to suffer bank holidays? Given to bank workers in the… Read More »