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Predictions for 2014

A little later than normal, I have remembered it is the time of year for predictions. Usually this happens in December or early January so, on any view, I am a fraction late this year. The Society of Computers and Law publishes predictions gleaned from a number of people in the IT and E discovery industry… Read More »

Time to share?

Recently (July 10th 2013) I wrote a piece called Hang a Shingle  which featured a certain Casey Flaherty who is corporate counsel at Kia Motors America. My piece featured a short five minute interview with him by Monica Bay of Legal Technology News (Casey Flaherty on Tech Audits.) where Mr Flaherty discusses making lawyers undergo… Read More »

What’s in a name?

We are clearly in the silly season! Or are we? At least one high profile person has their business head firmly screwed on. The tennis player Maria Sharapova is not one for bashfulness at the best of time. No one who grunts as she does, could ever be accused of shyness! Sharapova was reported recently to… Read More »


The TV series Mission:Impossible began with the team receiving a tape starting with the words: “Your mission,…. should you decide to accept it…”, followed by a brief description of the problem to be solved. Famously, the sequence ended with the words “This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck……”  and then smoke would rise from… Read More »

Social media and the President of the Pipe Club of Japan

Some time back, while researching the subject matter for an article I wanted to write, I came across a piece written by a lawyer in Tennessee. Isn’t the internet wonderful? It was clearly a scholarly and well researched article ( [The Duty to Preserve: Victor Stanley and its Progeny, ABA Section of Litigation Trial Evidence Committee,… Read More »


I would not want you to think that I spent all my recent skiing trip pondering the technical aspects of computer assisted review. In fact, I confess to spending almost all my recent seven days in Austria doing nothing much except enjoying the atmosphere, the food and, by and large, the snow conditions. However, one… Read More »

The tail of fork handles

Do you know a homonym from a heteronym or a homograph from a homophone? And what about capitonyms and polysemes? Confused? Well I am not surprised. You have to be an expert in linguistics to be able to reel off the definition of each word and in any event there is a relatively simple way… Read More »