Monthly Archives: August 2009

Down among the green shoots

Green shoots?  But will they be trampled by the elephant in the room? In her recent article (Positive thoughts, The Lawyer, 26th August 2009) Katy Dowell quotes the claim by Patrick Sherrington, global head of litigation at Lovells, that London is a “good place to hear cases” and his view that the Government (by asking… Read More »

The race is on

Usain Bolt’s electrifying run in Berlin last weekend which resulted in a new world record of 9.58 seconds for the 100m set the press speculating on how low he could take the world record. Recent events in the global economy have led to a very different run for lawyers. Judging by the gloomy stories coming… Read More »

See you anon – in court

Blogs may not be as anonymous as some contributors have assumed or would like. As a relative newcomer to the art of blogging, I woke up today to a salutary reminder that bloggers are not above or beyond the law when it comes to ‘ordinary’ standards of defamation and libel.  According to an aticle in… Read More »

Jackson Road Show

I travelled to Birmingham recently to attend one of the road shows hosted by Lord Justice Jackson as part of the consultation exercise following publication of his preliminary report. That exercise is now complete and we await his final report at the end of the year. The event was well attended, attracting about 150 lawyers, civil… Read More »

Speak no evil

It came as news to me recently that the technology exists to search the spoken word in much the same way as e-discovery tools search the written word. Bearing in mind the wide definition of “document” for the purposes of disclosure, lawyers need to consider whether voicemails and recorded messages and other forms of the… Read More »

Neuberger sweeps clean

Lord Neuberger is to be the 95th Master of the Rolls since the 13th Century. At 60, he is the youngest of the Law Lords and has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top job. “I am fully aware of the many challenges of my new office which will include the implementation of the review… Read More »