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Brother can you spare a dime?

Bing Crosby* singing a song from the Great Depression seems a long way from where we are now in 2010, but to borrow a phrase, buddy can you spare £80 billion? I know that at election time, we, the voters, are supposed to ask the difficult questions and receive the collective wisdom of our political… Read More »

Too early to say

Asked in the 1970s what he thought about the effects of the French Revolution, Chinese Premier at the time Zhou Enlai  famously replied, “It is too early to say”.  Currently there are a large number of reports from a variety of sources that the end of the recession is here and that the good times… Read More »

Down among the green shoots

Green shoots?  But will they be trampled by the elephant in the room? In her recent article (Positive thoughts, The Lawyer, 26th August 2009) Katy Dowell quotes the claim by Patrick Sherrington, global head of litigation at Lovells, that London is a “good place to hear cases” and his view that the Government (by asking… Read More »

The race is on

Usain Bolt’s electrifying run in Berlin last weekend which resulted in a new world record of 9.58 seconds for the 100m set the press speculating on how low he could take the world record. Recent events in the global economy have led to a very different run for lawyers. Judging by the gloomy stories coming… Read More »