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Susskind supports Casey Flaherty approach

In various posts last year I highlighted the views of Casey Flaherty, General Counsel of Kia Motors America, Inc. Casey espouses the view that lawyers who want to work for his company need to understand that the world has changed and that with it comes the responsibility to understand the contribution which technology can make… Read More »

Cooperation in eDiscovery

Cooperation has been defined as the process whereby two or more people or organisations work together for their mutual benefit as opposed to working against one another for their own gain. The mules in the picture above are joined together by a rope but they work out that a measure of cooperation is required if… Read More »

The Right Approach

Millnet sees a wide variety of cases during a year and deals with literally hundreds of lawyers. Of course, every case is different but occasionally a case really stands out as worthy of comment either by its subject matter or the problems disclosed. Confidentiality forbids identification of the case and the naming of names, but we were instructed recently… Read More »

CMCs in Birmingham

CMCs are becoming more streamlined. I am sure this trend has been felt by litigants all around the country, but no more so than in Birmingham where His Honour Judge Simon Brown QC has published a new CMC notice, Case Management Conference Notice HHJ Simon Brown QC July 2013. The notice will be familiar to… Read More »

Not me!

We all have our pet hates. Yours may be completely different from mine, but we all have views about things and people around us. It is part of being human and being capable of rational and, let’s be honest, also irrational thought. One of my pet hates is the unnecessary and unthinking use of jargon where… Read More »

Get fit

If you are staying abreast of the development of best practice after the coming into effect of the Jackson reforms, you are presumably following the series of articles by the indefatigable Judge Simon Brown QC, head of the Mercantile Court in Birmingham. Simon Brown has written a number of articles on the subject which have… Read More »

Four steps to happiness

It never ceases to amaze me how one thing leads on to another. Let me explain! Recently, I was referred to a blog written by someone of whom I had never heard. Nothing unusual in that, you may say, but bear with me. Jim Rosenblum of Stamford, Connecticut civil litigation, administrative and health care law… Read More »

Size matters

One of the aspects of electronic documents which puzzles litigation lawyers is the amount represented by a megabyte or a terabyte and all gradations between and beyond! I have seen lawyers’ eyes glaze over at the mere mention of a gigabyte.  All they want or need is to be able to visualise what is involved.… Read More »

Five things to wish for

There is an old saying which suggests that you should be careful what you wish for! I was asked recently to come up with five top tips to keep down the cost of e-disclosure for an article in SA Law’s Stay Alert! newsletter. As a former litigation partner at Eversheds, I have seen my fair… Read More »