The Right Approach

By | 4th December 2013

Millnet sees a wide variety of cases during a year and deals with literally hundreds of lawyers.

Of course, every case is different but occasionally a case really stands out as worthy of comment either by its subject matter or the problems disclosed.

Confidentiality forbids identification of the case and the naming of names, but we were instructed recently in a case where, in our view, the lawyers had adopted exactly the right approach to the problems of eDisclosure.

What was particularly encouraging was that at the initial meeting we attended, the lawyers had invited their clients, their counsel and Millnet, as well as the client’s IT manager, to discuss the strategy and approach to the case way in advance of the CMC.

The new rules provide for a significant amount of work to be done on disclosure prior to the CMC and in this case, an excellent start was made at a time when attention could be paid to mapping out the way forward without the pressures inherent in a last ditch meeting to cobble something together before the CMC. It remains to be seen what happens with the case but this was definitely the right approach.

During the same week, a lawyer attending one of our recent in house workshops, sought to summarise the main thrust of the talk by saying he understood now that the best way forward was to contact Millnet as early as possible before anything untoward could happen. I could not have said it better myself!

It is always worth highlighting best practice in relation to eDisclosure and these are two excellent examples.