Monthly Archives: July 2011

A heap of savagery

William of Wykeham (1324-1404) founded both Winchester College and New College Oxford. His motto, “Manners Makyth Man”  was adopted by both. Make of it what you will but there has been plenty in the news recently to cause one to reflect that a few more “manners” would certainly help to “mayk” the “man” or men, or even… Read More »

Doing the Lamberth talk

Imagine a standup comic who delivers the punch-lines of his jokes first, a plane with landing gear that deploys just after touchdown, or a stick of dynamite with a unique fuse that ignites only after it explodes. That’s what document production after trial is like—it defeats the purpose. These are the opening lines of the… Read More »

Spoiling the party

Whatever your views about the phone hacking scandal which has taken over our newspapers and almost every other source of news, I cannot believe that there is anyone who is not appalled that someone should think it appropriate to hack into and delete phone messages on a mobile phone belonging to a kidnapped and ultimately… Read More »

How many is a billion?

How many is a billion? Everyone knows the answer. Or do they? Does it actually matter? The official answer is that what we in England used to know as a billion has been downgraded. Is this just another example of Governments massaging statistics? I suppose it matters if you are trying to make something look… Read More »

I told you so

Readers of this blog will be familiar with McMillan v Hummingbird Speedway. It was a case in the US  last year where a court ordered a claimant to release his user name and password to a Facebook site where it was thought he had posted comments about injuries sustained in an accident for which he was now claiming damages.… Read More »

Fasten your seat belts

Is this the correct advice to businesses which are now subject to the Bribery Act 2010? After the thousands of words written about it over the past 18 months, the Bribery Act has now come into effect. As from July 1st 2011, British business has to face up to the reality of doing business under a… Read More »