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Every now and again I come across an article containing a description of an aspect of the e-discovery/disclosure process which really hits the spot. Craig Ball’s recent article “Are they trying to screw me?” [Ball in your court, 9th October, 2012] is a case in point. Craig is one of the best commentators on e-discovery… Read More »

The tail of fork handles

Do you know a homonym from a heteronym or a homograph from a homophone? And what about capitonyms and polysemes? Confused? Well I am not surprised. You have to be an expert in linguistics to be able to reel off the definition of each word and in any event there is a relatively simple way… Read More »

Going it alone

A number of commentators have reported on recent developments in the insourcing/outsourcing arena. The latest report concerns Chicago based Drinker Biddle & Reath which has set up its own subsidiary which seeks to recover income lost to outside discovery/review attorneys and third party vendors. It so happens that I had had a whiff of this… Read More »

Running to the beat

Pheidippides is not a name to conjure with.In fact, it is doubtful whether more than a small percentage of the population will recognise the name or know for what he is allegedly famous. Despite that, thousands of people, possibly millions, have enjoyed the spectacle this summer of the sporting event which was instituted in his… Read More »