Monthly Archives: August 2010

Lion City

Situated at the foot of the Malay peninsula with a population of 5 million people from many different countries, Singapore (known as Lion City, although it is thought to be unlikely that lions ever lived there and the beast which gave the city its name was in all probability a tiger!) is an intriguing place,… Read More »

LPO survey feedback

Thanks to all those who responded to my recent “Legal Process Outsourcing” survey – we had a respectable response rate of around 20% and some individual feedback for which we are most grateful. Here are some preliminary conclusions – Of those responding, a clear majority of about 70% had not outsourced and had no experience… Read More »

Back to work

If someone could come up with a solution to the problem of how to deal with everything which has piled up during an absence from the office on holiday, I suspect they would be very popular. Indeed if they could bottle it and sell it they would undoubtedly make a fortune!  In the ever moving… Read More »

The glorious twelfth

Ask people what they know about the Glorious Twelfth and you may not get a consistent answer. The Glorious Twelfth, otherwise known as Orangemen’s Day is July 12th and is a Protestant celebration of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and ultimately the victory of the Protestant King Billy (King William III) over the Catholic James II at… Read More »

Justice of the Beach

Holidays are a wonderful institution!! Apart from enjoying unbroken sunshine, temperatures in the high 80s to low 90s, warm seas and gentle Mediterranean breezes, I found myself, between meals, while slowly roasting on a flat rock off the north coast of Menorca, thinking about Justice. Nothing abstract here, but it is a quality which means… Read More »