Monthly Archives: May 2010

Supermarket Law

Which is the odd one out in the list below? There’s no place like ASDA You shop, we drop Your M&S Law firm goes public Buy one get one free – (BOGOF) Every little helps! Like all good quiz questions, there is a catch. In fact, there is no odd one out. They are all… Read More »

Maxwell’s silver hammer

On 24th May the High Court delivered its judgment in a case which has been described as the biggest pension fraud since Robert Maxwell. The court ordered the return of £32 million stolen from pensions schemes now under the control of Taylor Wessing client, Independent Trustee Services Limited. As Heidi Wales, Senior Associate in the… Read More »

Fantasy island

The 1970s was the decade we all like to forget. Amongst many dubious inventions, I have had reason to recall recently the TV series called Fantasy Island. The owner charged wealthy individuals $50,000 each to come to the island and live out their fantasies. Pretty well all the fantasies were unlikely. I suppose that is… Read More »

The need to know

Sir Humphrey: Now go in there and inform me of their conversation. Bernard Woolley: I’m not sure I can do that, Sir Humphrey. It might be confidential. Sir Humphrey: Bernard, the matter at issue is the defence of the realm and the stability of the government. Bernard Woolley: But you only need to know things… Read More »

Winning the battle and losing the war

According to research carried out by me wholly unscientifically, I discovered that “to win the battle and lose the war” appears in a treatise entitled “The Art of War” written by military strategist Sun-Tzu in the 6th century BC. Sun-Tzu may not have been a real figure but his existence is given credibility by the… Read More »