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Information overload

Everywhere you look, information is being created. What is more, that information is being stored, often inadvertently. When the time comes for that information to be accessed and retrieved/managed, perhaps because of litigation, a subject access request, internal investigation or regulatory inquiry, many companies find themselves in real difficulty. Big Data, BYOD, social media and an array… Read More »

Hats off to the High Court

   Some years ago now, I was involved in two major public inquiries which were much in the news. One was the Savile Inquiry into the events in Londonderry in Northern Ireland on Sunday January 30th 1972, known as Bloody Sunday, and the other was an inquiry chaired by Dame Janet Smith into the activities… Read More »

Protection from Prism

Data privacy is not necessarily a subject which quickens the pulse, unless, of course, it is your data which is under threat. However, the subject has acquired a whole new significance in recent days following the revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden who leaked sensitive information about US surveillance programmes to the Guardian here in the… Read More »

Millnet’s expert stars in TCC case

In a decision in the TCC at the end of last year, Mr Justice Coulson decided that the court had the power under CPR Order 31 to order that a search for documents to be carried out on behalf of the defendants be carried out by a properly qualified independent third party. Millnet’s Stuart Clarke… Read More »