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In case you missed it…

In case you missed it, there has been (or there will soon be) a sea change in the rules relating to E-Discovery in the United States. Some readers may think that what happens over there does not concern us over here. Others realise that what happens over there, often comes over here in due course… Read More »

Never in the field of litigation……

With apologies to Winston Churchill, never in the field of litigation has so much been owed to so few. I have been away from the world of blogging and most other forms of social media for some months. It has been a liberating experience which has allowed me to think about the world I used… Read More »

Hats off to the High Court

   Some years ago now, I was involved in two major public inquiries which were much in the news. One was the Savile Inquiry into the events in Londonderry in Northern Ireland on Sunday January 30th 1972, known as Bloody Sunday, and the other was an inquiry chaired by Dame Janet Smith into the activities… Read More »

Pyroclastic flow

It has been quite a week! I have been away from the office for my daughter’s wedding and have been bemused by the news reaching me in the wilds of Norfolk. Scientists at the National Academy of Perverse Political Information (NAPPI for short) have been bewildered by the eruption of a yellow cloud of hot… Read More »

Twitter – boom or bust?

Last weekend’s  Sunday Times carried a full page article on Twitter entitled ‘What makes Twitter worth a billion dollars?‘ Readers of this blog (though apparently not my nearest and dearest, friends and neighbours) will know that  Twitter is a free online service which enables users to send and read messages of no longer than 140… Read More »

Opus Interruptus

In his article for The Harvard Business Review Death by Information Overload Paul Hemp cites research that reveals not only how our personal wellbeing but also our productivity can be affected by the ever increasing volume of information available to us.  Hemp claims that the sheer volume of information to be assimilated threatens our decision making and… Read More »