Monthly Archives: September 2011

Finding the missing link

I promised to return to the subject of the missing link at the end of my last post when I said that: “I will try and explain what I think he (Richard Susskind) meant and how this ties up with new legal structures, technology, LPOs and dead satellites falling to earth in my next post.”… Read More »

In search of the missing link

Earthquake in Indonesia: thousands die, no Britons involved This kind of laconic if self-centered headline has always amused me. We tend to think things are important if they affect us and less so if they do not. On that basis I wonder if we should have been concerned about the recent report from NASA that… Read More »

Roundabout ways

One of the most striking sights in Nashville, Tennessee is Alan LeQuire’s bronze statue of nine nude figures in the centre of the Music Row roundabout. Apparently the statue caused a certain amount of unease amongst the locals when it was unveiled in 2003 but it is certainly dramatic to view at night especially after… Read More »

Blurt outed

Sarah Vine is a journalist at The Times. She is also Mrs Michael Gove, wife of the Education Secretary. Normally I would find it difficult to justify blogging about the wife of a politician who, as far as I am aware, has absolutely nothing to do with, and quite possibly no interest in, the world… Read More »

Storm clouds

Global warming and/or climate change are not the staple of this blog. That is not about to change but I have to say that what others call the extremes of climate (and we in the UK just call “the weather”) has been much in my mind recently. I suppose it all started with what by… Read More »

Long distance information

If there is one thing worse than getting ready to go away, it is coming back! All that preparation and when you get back there is so much with which to catch up, telephone calls to make and meetings to attend. I must not complain because I have just returned from a wonderfully busy and… Read More »