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Going to the wall

My eye was drawn to the recent piece in the Lawyer [Stephenson Harwood uses Facebook to serve court claim, 21st Feb, 2012] noting that the High Court has agreed that a claim may be served on a party via Facebook.  If ever there was an indication that social media is now mainstream, this is surely it.… Read More »

Storm clouds

Global warming and/or climate change are not the staple of this blog. That is not about to change but I have to say that what others call the extremes of climate (and we in the UK just call “the weather”) has been much in my mind recently. I suppose it all started with what by… Read More »

Judge, please be my friend

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace are increasingly in the news. I wrote recently about such sites and some of their less well known brethren in a piece entitled “A duck’s a duck” [28th Oct, 2010]. My concern at the time was to point out that the courts may take the view… Read More »