Monthly Archives: March 2011

At the Frontline

Pen Hadow, the polar explorer kindly entertained me to dinner recently at the Frontline Club. Pen and I share an ancestor way back in the 19th century but until last year I was only dimly aware of his existence and had no idea we might be distantly related. I knew, of course, that he was the first… Read More »

The face that launched a thousand quips

A young man, about to leave his current employer and embark on a new career, posed an interesting question last weekend. As a result, the assembled company, duly fortified with a large jug of pre-prandial Bloody Mary, spent some time considering who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contact network, doubtless compiled with the knowledge and encouragement… Read More »

Retrospectives, past and present

We humans are good at retrospectives. We delight in looking back and celebrating anniversaries. I indulge in this practice as much as anyone and readers will know already that 2011 is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Sticking with the godly theme, this year is also the 300th anniversary of the completion of… Read More »