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In search of the missing link

Earthquake in Indonesia: thousands die, no Britons involved This kind of laconic if self-centered headline has always amused me. We tend to think things are important if they affect us and less so if they do not. On that basis I wonder if we should have been concerned about the recent report from NASA that… Read More »

Squaring the circle

Former Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, once quipped that a week was a long time in politics. After a string of events which were calculated to make a lesser man blanch, Wilson was phlegmatic. He had spent most of his life climbing the greasy pole which is politics and he obviously felt that he needed to… Read More »

Squid & cream

With summer coming to an end (although the recent weather over the Bank Holiday suggests this has already happened) we can look forward with keen anticipation to what the autumn and the first half of 2011 will bring. Incidentally, why do we all still have to suffer bank holidays? Given to bank workers in the… Read More »

LPO survey feedback

Thanks to all those who responded to my recent “Legal Process Outsourcing” survey – we had a respectable response rate of around 20% and some individual feedback for which we are most grateful. Here are some preliminary conclusions – Of those responding, a clear majority of about 70% had not outsourced and had no experience… Read More »