Monthly Archives: February 2013

Podcast: Evidence to trip up the unwary.

In the fourth and last in the current series of podcasts, Millnet’s Head of Technical Operations, Stuart Clarke, talks to Chris Dale of the E-Disclosure Information Project about types of evidence which have the potential to trip up lawyers who fail to ask the right questions. The speakers are introduced by Millnet director, Charles Holloway.… Read More »

Hasten slowly

I love oxymorons. Woodbine used to advertise their cigarettes as the “great, little cigarette” which conjured up precisely the size of the cigarette (they were smaller than the standard size) and the great taste and value (whatever takes your fancy!) For Latin lovers, hasten slowly is the English translation of Festina Lente. An example might… Read More »

Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2013 published

The Civil Procedure (Amendment ) Rules 2013 were published on February 12th and broadly speaking the new rules will all come into effect on April 1st. Chris Dale has produced a summary of the provisions for the E Disclosure Information Project blog which may be read at Millnet has been advising law firms for… Read More »