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Over the weekend I heard part of a programme on the radio in which two employees of Microsoft Research in California were discussing what they described as “digitising your life”. Apparently, this involves wearing some form of camera round your neck on a permanent basis which takes a photograph every 20 seconds and builds into… Read More »

We happy few, we band of brothers

Every year Millnet throws a party for its staff on October 25th or as near as possible to that date. Apart from being a thank you to the staff for the year’s work, the party commemorates the date Millnet was founded  –  The Feast of Saint Crispin. I admit to being woefully ignorant about St Crispin.… Read More »

Where have all the hours gone?

The song – or lawyers’ lament perhaps – about the gap between the anticipated rush of litigation and the reality of what actually seems to be happening, might go something like this..   Where have all the hours gone? Long time passing Where has all the litigation gone? Long time ago Where have all the… Read More »

Blog Supreme

I have to thank Jon Robins of the newspaper City A.M. for the reference in his article on 30th September entitled ‘Pop Art and poetry in the Supreme Court‘ for alerting me to the existence of a newish blog about the Supreme Court which opens its doors for business today, 1st October. The blog ( … Read More »

Twitter – boom or bust?

Last weekend’s  Sunday Times carried a full page article on Twitter entitled ‘What makes Twitter worth a billion dollars?‘ Readers of this blog (though apparently not my nearest and dearest, friends and neighbours) will know that  Twitter is a free online service which enables users to send and read messages of no longer than 140… Read More »