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Get fit

If you are staying abreast of the development of best practice after the coming into effect of the Jackson reforms, you are presumably following the series of articles by the indefatigable Judge Simon Brown QC, head of the Mercantile Court in Birmingham. Simon Brown has written a number of articles on the subject which have… Read More »

Murray and Stokes v Neil Dowlman Architecture Limited

In the flurry of articles and general excitement over the introduction of the Jackson reforms, I appear to have overlooked a case which was decided by Mr Justice Coulson sitting in the Technology and Construction Court in March this year. Although the hearing took place on March 27th, the judgment in Murray and Stokes v Neil Dowlman… Read More »

Two steps forward

 I am an avid reader of the Sunday broadsheets. Try as I might, I cannot bring myself to read them electronically. The enjoyment gained from a stack of newsprint on a Sunday morning outweighs the irritationof the newsprint coming off on my fingers particularly when there is nothing better to do but eat my poached… Read More »

Revolutions with numbers

Thomas Paine was born in Thetford in Norfolk in 1737 and died in NYC in 1809 and is credited with being the inspiration behind the decision which led America to secede from Britain. Paine had an extraordinary life. Starting as a corset maker by trade, he emigrated to the USA and participated in the revolution there. Despite… Read More »


I would not want you to think that I spent all my recent skiing trip pondering the technical aspects of computer assisted review. In fact, I confess to spending almost all my recent seven days in Austria doing nothing much except enjoying the atmosphere, the food and, by and large, the snow conditions. However, one… Read More »