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Mediation support

Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, said last week (see Law Gazette http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/neuberger-backs-compulsory-mediation-for-more-civil-cases/5048784.article ) that we should be uninhibited about more mediation in civil and family matters.  While stopping short of calling for compulsory mediation for all, his views suggest a judiciary which is starting to recognise the success story which is mediation. Lower… Read More »

Ministry of Truth

When I used to travel on business particularly in the countries of Latin America I used to enjoy the very real differences in the way lawyers worked and the institutions in which they operated. There are, of course, obvious differences between the way of life I was used to in the UK and in Continental… Read More »

Blog Supreme

I have to thank Jon Robins of the newspaper City A.M. for the reference in his article on 30th September entitled ‘Pop Art and poetry in the Supreme Court‘ for alerting me to the existence of a newish blog about the Supreme Court which opens its doors for business today, 1st October. The blog (www.ukscblog.com) … Read More »

Neuberger sweeps clean

Lord Neuberger is to be the 95th Master of the Rolls since the 13th Century. At 60, he is the youngest of the Law Lords and has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top job. “I am fully aware of the many challenges of my new office which will include the implementation of the review… Read More »