Neuberger sweeps clean

By | 12th August 2009

Lord Neuberger is to be the 95th Master of the Rolls since the 13th Century. At 60, he is the youngest of the Law Lords and has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top job.

“I am fully aware of the many challenges of my new office which will include the implementation of the review being conducted by Lord Justice Jackson into the costs of litigation…”, he said when his appointment was announced. 

A fresh approach (he takes office in October when the present incumbent moves to the new Supreme Court) and talk of implementation of the Jackson recommendations, encourages me to believe that the reforms introduced by Lord Woolf in 1999 will be brought up to date with new rules relating to the sensible use of technology in litigation where such use can bring about savings in time and costs.

Doubtless this will be a relief to the paying client!