Monthly Archives: October 2011

Postcard from Boston

Why are you here? What do you do? Who is Millnet? Are you going to set up in the US? Before I went away I mentioned that I had had the honour to be invited to the Fall Conference of the Litigation Counsel of America. What a splendid occasion it was in the beautiful city… Read More »

A jewel beyond price

2011 is the 650th anniversary of the office of Justice of the Peace. Most people will be only dimly aware that over 95% of the judicial work in the courts of this country is carried out by unpaid volunteers who have taken an oath that they “will well and truly serve” the Queen “in the… Read More »

Battle of the e-discovery bulge

In the last winter of the Second World War (1944-5), the Germans and the Allies fought a tank battle in the Ardennes region of France which has become known as the Battle of the Bulge, so called because of the initial German advance which caused a bulge in the Allied line as depicted in maps… Read More »

No tea party

“Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere..” Paul Revere’s ride, as retold in Longfellow’s poem, together with the Boston Tea Party are two of the iconic events leading up to the American War of Independence. On April 18th 1775, Paul Revere set off to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn… Read More »

No magic roundabout

We have all heard about Silicon Valley and some of us have even heard about Silicon Fen (the area around Cambridge which is home to many dotcom and other technology start ups) and a few will even have heard of New York’s Silicon Alley! However, just when you thought you were safe, along comes the Silicon… Read More »

Lost for words

On the flyleaf of a book given to me by a friend appear the words “…I hope this book brings on an afflatus rather than a Winchester Goose….” If you are anything like me, you will not immediately understand where the donor is coming from. Indeed, I had to look up the words in the… Read More »