Monthly Archives: April 2010

Brother can you spare a dime?

Bing Crosby* singing a song from the Great Depression seems a long way from where we are now in 2010, but to borrow a phrase, buddy can you spare £80 billion? I know that at election time, we, the voters, are supposed to ask the difficult questions and receive the collective wisdom of our political… Read More »

Pyroclastic flow

It has been quite a week! I have been away from the office for my daughter’s wedding and have been bemused by the news reaching me in the wilds of Norfolk. Scientists at the National Academy of Perverse Political Information (NAPPI for short) have been bewildered by the eruption of a yellow cloud of hot… Read More »

April Fowl

It may be this continuing chill frosting up my antennae but I have been a little late and somewhat inaccurate with my April Fool detection this year.. The origin of All Fool’s Day goes back to the late 16th century and the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in France under the reign of Charles 1X.  I… Read More »

Of mice and men

Hunca Munca and Tom Thumb were two bad mice. Beatrix Potter conceived the story of how they both created mayhem in the dolls’ house belonging to Lucinda and Jane, while the dolls were out in their pram. When the little girl who owns the dolls’ house discovers the mess, she gets a doll dressed up… Read More »