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The godmother

Judge Shira Scheindlin of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York has been at it again! Famous for her ground breaking judgments on e-discovery spoliation in the Zubulake and Montreal Pension plan cases, the judge has now delivered a third ruling on this subject. Law Technology News carried an article earlier this… Read More »

Time to share?

Recently (July 10th 2013) I wrote a piece called Hang a Shingle  which featured a certain Casey Flaherty who is corporate counsel at Kia Motors America. My piece featured a short five minute interview with him by Monica Bay of Legal Technology News (Casey Flaherty on Tech Audits.) where Mr Flaherty discusses making lawyers undergo… Read More »

Miranda is nicked

When David Miranda was stopped at Heathrow in transit to Brazil, the police detained him for the nine hours maximum allowed by the relevant anti-terrorist legislation. He was questioned about classified material on his laptop said to have been obtained from Edward Snowden, the whistleblower now kicking his heels in Russia in an attempt to escape inquiry and… Read More »

What’s in a name?

We are clearly in the silly season! Or are we? At least one high profile person has their business head firmly screwed on. The tennis player Maria Sharapova is not one for bashfulness at the best of time. No one who grunts as she does, could ever be accused of shyness! Sharapova was reported recently to… Read More »


Once again we appear to have encountered a problem with email notifications to our subscribers. Many of you will see the posts anyway, either by logging onto the blog or by following us on Twitter where the links are always published but in case you have missed one or two posts, here are links to… Read More »

Geeks in Jeans

Sitting on a bus recently in the Austrian Alps, I watched carefully as the driver inched along a narrow road twisting and turning above a ravine where many feet below a raging torrent of still melting snow rushed headlong downwards, ever downwards. Our driver was not aware of or concerned by how I felt about the… Read More »