Monthly Archives: July 2012

Lawyerbots take the strain

Software that sifts through millions of documents for relevant information gets the green light to replace human lawyers When you see such “Shock! Horror!” headlines many lawyers will throw up their hands in despair. They have just about come to terms with the idea that technology exists which, in appropriate circumstances, may shorten the time… Read More »

A new order cometh

It has been a long time in the making! By April 2013, 14 years will have passed from the start of the Woolf reforms (Access to Justice) in April 1999 to the introduction of the Jackson reforms due to come into effect next year. There is much to be done and judges to be trained.… Read More »

Ups and downs in a dismal summer

I had hoped for a brief period of calm between the emotions caused by the gallant failure of Andy Murray to overcome the peerless Roger Federer and the onslaught Londoners will have to face shortly as the start of the Olympic Games approaches.  Some hope!  The gap, such as it  is, has been filled by… Read More »

Squeaky Kleen

Magistrate Judge Nan Nolan of the US 7th District Court is shortly to retire. Those of you who remember her will recall that she is the judge in the “other” case involving an argument about how best to deal with discovery, by which I mean, not Judge Peck’s case of Da Silva, but Kleen Products… Read More »

Taken at the flood

It used to be commonplace to read in legal journals and the like, that the legal profession was either going to Hell in a handcart (sorry to use the phrase again so soon but it sums up what I mean brilliantly) or was careering towards a new Nirvana(here I go again) where the only side was… Read More »

Posse comitatus

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with the concept of a sheriff, either from watching too many westerns or possibly from the stories of Robin Hood and his ongoing battles with the then Sheriff of Nottingham. For a more accurate and current description of a sheriff, the High Sheriffs’ Association of England & Wales… Read More »