Monthly Archives: February 2010

Plan for peace, prepare for war

What have the following in common? Britain’s forthcoming defence review. Jackie Fisher, First Sea Lord at the end of the 19th Century. John Terry, Chelsea and England footballer. Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus. The Royal Navy. Answers on a postcard please!  

Education, education, errm…

Fresh from the mauling the Chilcot inquisitors suffered recently at the hands of Tony Blair, the former PM would doubtless wish to offer a similarly spirited and robust defence of his 1996 speech when campaigning for the return of a Government of New Labour, in which he asserted that the three main priorities for government… Read More »

Sticks and snails and shaggy dog’s tales

Ingenuity is the most remarkable human trait. Without it, we would not have discovered how to make fire, how to fashion tools and how to manufacture things useful to our everyday lives. We learned to stand on our hind legs which made life easier for our ancestors. We can also invent things which make our… Read More »