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Information overload

Everywhere you look, information is being created. What is more, that information is being stored, often inadvertently. When the time comes for that information to be accessed and retrieved/managed, perhaps because of litigation, a subject access request, internal investigation or regulatory inquiry, many companies find themselves in real difficulty. Big Data, BYOD, social media and an array… Read More »

Techno Security Event

Millnet’s Head of Forensics, Stuart Clarke, is one of the speakers at the forthcoming Techno Security Event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The event takes place on June 2nd to 5th 2013. Stuart is speaking on the implications of emerging cloud solutions for creating documents suchas Google Drive and Office 365. Click here for more information:… Read More »

Outlook cloudy

As we continue to see how the various technologies in the e-disclosure space continue to converge, it has become all the more important to know your third party vendor, to get on with the project manager and to enjoy working with them. Preferably, you will have gone through the process of due diligence and getting… Read More »