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Information overload

Everywhere you look, information is being created. What is more, that information is being stored, often inadvertently. When the time comes for that information to be accessed and retrieved/managed, perhaps because of litigation, a subject access request, internal investigation or regulatory inquiry, many companies find themselves in real difficulty. Big Data, BYOD, social media and an array… Read More »

The face that launched a thousand quips

A young man, about to leave his current employer and embark on a new career, posed an interesting question last weekend. As a result, the assembled company, duly fortified with a large jug of pre-prandial Bloody Mary, spent some time considering who owns an employee’s LinkedIn contact network, doubtless compiled with the knowledge and encouragement… Read More »

Me Tarzan, you Jane

It’s a jungle out there. Where does most of a company’s electronically stored information (ESI) reside? If you need to retrieve ESI for the purposes of litigation where do you turn? In the days before electronic documents, lawyers and their clients would ferret about in old files, even older filing cabinets and possibly in warehouse… Read More »