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Who will bid more than £10 million?

Some time way back last year, there was dissatisfaction expressed in certain quarters that a two-tier system was evolving in relation to the cases which were to be the subject of the cost budgeting rules introduced as part of the Jackson Big Bang reforms. Put simply, while the “smaller” cases were to be subject to… Read More »

Slick as a Whistle

In 1848, a certain John Russell Bartlett published a Dictionary of Americanisms. Mr Bartlett has it that the phrase slick as a whistle is “a proverbial simile, in common use throughout the United States. To do anything as slick as a whistle, is to do it very smoothly, perfectly, adroitly.” Possibly because I do not… Read More »

Jackson: key recommendations

Key recommendations from the Review of Civil Litigation Costs Final Report of Lord Justice Jackson, published 14th January, 2010 A resumé of the key recommendations may be found on page 463 of the 584 page report [click here to view the report in PDF format]. However, here is a selection of the most important ones: Success… Read More »

No return to the status quo ante?

The stock market and some of the respected commentators think the recession is over. Others, including the Bank of England, are not so sure. You could be forgiven for being confused!! Recession means different things to different people and businesses are affected in different ways. Interest rates are at an historic low and may remain… Read More »

Jackson Road Show

I travelled to Birmingham recently to attend one of the road shows hosted by Lord Justice Jackson as part of the consultation exercise following publication of his preliminary report. That exercise is now complete and we await his final report at the end of the year. The event was well attended, attracting about 150 lawyers, civil… Read More »