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Predictions for 2014

A little later than normal, I have remembered it is the time of year for predictions. Usually this happens in December or early January so, on any view, I am a fraction late this year. The Society of Computers and Law publishes predictions gleaned from a number of people in the IT and E discovery industry… Read More »

Christmas Cheer

If you are one of those people who enjoys the flurry of articles at this time of year containing predictions for 2013 and beyond, you will not want to miss the SCL’s Predictions 2013, and beyond: Part 2, Masters of Legal IT. To quote from the opening paragraph – “When you get Charles Christian, Jan… Read More »

Old Holloway’s Almanack 2012

Predicting the future is a mug’s game! However, it is fun, so here are my 5 predictions for 2012, in no particular order: Whether you call it inshoring, outshoring, outsourcing, northshoring or just stick with legal process outsourcing or LPO, it is likely that the process will continue to be in the news in 2012.… Read More »

Vox stellarum

The party season is upon us already. Having concluded a week of festivities celebrating my birthday recently and fresh, if that is the right word in the circumstances, from the Millnet 15th birthday party at the top of the Millbank Tower with fireworks courtesy of the Mayor of London (thanks Boris!), my thoughts are increasingly… Read More »