Jackson’s rocket

By | 4th October 2012

Earlier this year, we ran a mini series of podcasts on the Millnet iPadio Channel dealing with the hot topic of predictive coding.

While that doubtless left all our listeners with a warm glow, the nights are drawing in and it seems the right time to turn our attention in the next podcasts to what has been called Big Bang. No, not Guy Fawkes but there are important changes, due to come into effect in April 2013, which are likely to have an explosive impact on much of the litigation in this country.

The changes relate to:

  • An extension of the requirement to exchange information about documents to all multi track cases, not involving personal injury.
  • Active judicial case management particularly around the new disclosure menu option and the methods to be adopted.

  • Costs management of litigation cases.

In addition to a short ten minute discussion on each of these three topics, we plan a round up of what we see happening in the marketplace on a day by day basis and our views on what this all means and where it is going, and a discussion on the role of forensics in this area.

The five podcasts will be introduced and moderated  by Chris Dale of the e-Disclosure Information Project and will involve speakers from Millnet on each occasion. We plan to complete all five podcasts during the month of November.

As a reminder, and in case you missed them previously, the  links to each of the first three podcasts can be found in the Predictive coding round up, posted on  2nd October, 2012.

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“Fireworks on Canada Day” from Wikimedia Commons by Leafsfan67

3 thoughts on “Jackson’s rocket

  1. McDa

    Please let me know when your podcast on Costs management of litigation cases will be held. I have a particular interest in this topic having written an application which makes the whole process of creating a costs budget much easier for lawyers.

    1. Millwright

      Thanks for your interest in the subject. The first podcast is planned for the second week of November. We will feature them all here in subsequent posts – you can subscribe to email notifications via the “Keep me posted” link on the home page.

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