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Social media and the President of the Pipe Club of Japan

Some time back, while researching the subject matter for an article I wanted to write, I came across a piece written by a lawyer in Tennessee. Isn’t the internet wonderful? It was clearly a scholarly and well researched article ( [The Duty to Preserve: Victor Stanley and its Progeny, ABA Section of Litigation Trial Evidence Committee,… Read More »

Paris Blue

Authors often say they experience difficulty in deciding on a title for their scribblings. Naming a film, book or poem can pose problems, although sometimes the answer is obvious. Think about Jane Austen’s eponymous novel Emma! Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey are similar no brainers and even Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice… Read More »

Courage mon brave!

What makes a human being brave? There are clearly a variety of possible answers to the question. Frequently, what seems incredibly brave to some is perceived by others to be extremely foolhardy. Many of us will remember the bravery of Colonel H, awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously in the Falklands War but fewer will know… Read More »

See you anon – in court

Blogs may not be as anonymous as some contributors have assumed or would like. As a relative newcomer to the art of blogging, I woke up today to a salutary reminder that bloggers are not above or beyond the law when it comes to ‘ordinary’ standards of defamation and libel.  According to an aticle in… Read More »