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My favourite misquotation is “money is the root of all evil” or for those of you with a Latin bent, “radix malorum est cupiditas.” The correct quotation of the words from the King James Bible, 400 years old almost to the day, is in 1 Timothy 6.10. “For the love of money is the root… Read More »

Bribery, corruption and the free lunch

It is nigh on impossible to open a serious newspaper or magazine these days without finding an article on the Bribery Act 2010 which was supposed to come into force in April 2011, after publication of the guidance promised by the Government. I recall that such guidance was to be published three months before the… Read More »

Bribery and corruption

At last, I have come to the attention of the US Department of Justice. Though some of you may have suspected me for some time, I am going to have to disappoint you!  Someone in the DOJ has found my blog and last week spent more time reading more pages than anyone else on that… Read More »