A twitter autumn on its way

By | 10th September 2009

As autumn approaches and the dawn chorus starts at a time more closely associated with my normal waking up time, I am still waiting to hear of litigation involving a tweet. 

Tweets may seem inconsequential but they could easily be disclosable. The scenario is obvious. A is involved in a deal with B and as part of the communication chain they exchange not only e-mails and texts but tweets. Litigation ensues and the tweets are deemed to be disclosable. 

Unlikely? Maybe, but impossible? I don’t think so.

[I am indebted to LegalSparrow for pointing out that the phenomenon of ‘twitigation’ is already upon us, see his/her comment here]

One thought on “A twitter autumn on its way

  1. LegalSparrow

    I think you’ll find that not only has this already happened but somebody has already coined a name for this particular legal specialism: ‘twitigation’…

    My source is the ever-reliable American Idol blog, “Idolator” [re Courtney Love Being Dragged Into Brave New World Of Twitter Litigation]. They even offer a facsimile of the complaint “Dawn Simorangkir v Courtney Love” filed at the LA Superior Court on March 26, 2009.

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