Monthly Archives: October 2014

In case you missed it…

In case you missed it, there has been (or there will soon be) a sea change in the rules relating to E-Discovery in the United States.

Some readers may think that what happens over there does not concern us over here. Others realise that what happens over there, often comes over here in due course and I don’t just mean the remnants of dying hurricanes like Gonzalo and the horrible weather they unleash on us after a race across the Atlantic.

For once, however, we on this side of the Atlantic may take some satisfaction from the fact that we have had the concept of proportionality in our courts for many years and it is good to see an outbreak of sanity in the US. Continue reading

Never in the field of litigation……

With apologies to Winston Churchill, never in the field of litigation has so much been owed to so few.

I have been away from the world of blogging and most other forms of social media for some months. It has been a liberating experience which has allowed me to think about the world I used to inhabit when at Eversheds, PwC and Millnet and to ask myself where I should go next.

It soon became apparent from the comments made to me over that time by lawyers and others engaged in the business of litigation, arbitration, mediation in the commercial field or in the regulatory, investigatory or competition arena, that the need for quality objective advice has never been greater. Continue reading