The Famous Five

By | 3rd June 2013

In the most striking example to date of  how seriously the judiciary intends to get to grips with the changes to the rules inspired by Lord Justice Jackson, the Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, has appointed five Court of Appeal judges to hear all appeals arising out of the reforms.

Rupert Jackson had in fact recommended that two Appeal Court judges be designated to hear such appeals but Lord Dyson has appointed five, presumably to allow for speedier listing of appeals and to drive home the message that the judges intend to make the new rules work as soon and as consistently as possible.

I had the good fortune some years ago to accompany a team of consultants on a visit to Singapore to study the introduction of the all electronic filing of civil cases. Initially this was met with horror by litigants and professionals alike but before too long practitioners came to accept the new rules and it is clearly intended that the same shall happen here.

The judges form a strong team. Apart from the Master of the Rolls himself, they are the Deputy Head of Civil Justice, Stephen Richards LJ and Lewison, Davis and Jackson LJJ.