Academia meets the real world

By | 24th April 2012

Talking to Patrick Burke of Guidance Software recently I learned that he is an adjunct professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York. Apart from being Senior Director and Assistant General Counsel at Guidance, Patrick gives of his time to teach law students about the delights of e-discovery.

It must be a success, to judge from the piece published in Law Technology News earlier this month written by one of his students Lindsay Korotkin:  “Academia Meets the Real World.”  [PDF version here]

It seems pretty obvious that law students need to learn about processes which will assist them in dealing with their future clients and pieces of litigation they encounter. Patrick has set up a LinkedIn group Cardozo E-Discovery and encourages lawyers and potential employers to join in. I have applied!

However, while it seems to happen “over there” it does not appear to happen “over here.” I know of no General Counsel/Director of a software company engaged in teaching British students about the technology available to make litigation more efficient and less expensive.

I hope I am wrong!