Monthly Archives: September 2013

Plus ca change

One thing I learned from my recent trip to Zimbabwe is that it is safe and welcoming, at any rate for tourists. Many people have expressed surprise at my destination, mainly on the grounds of a probably misplaced perception that the place is inherently unstable and unsafe.

The picture below shows a scene of contented calm as an elephant named Boswell, living in the Mana Pools National Park, overcomes the problems of food growing beyond the reach of his trunk.

At the risk of drawing an unfavourable comparison, I confess I would much rather have been in Zimbabwe recently with all the faults which have been thrown up by its political system over the years than in Kenya, with its long reputation as the jewel of East African tourism. Notwithstanding the fire at Nairobi airport a few weeks ago, I came back to the extended news coverage of the terrorist attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi and the sad murder of a former British army officer and grandfather, Colonel Ted Loden, who was visiting his son and his family. Continue reading