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The Aha moment

In which Kanga and baby Roo come to the forest, and Piglet has a bath

In an effort to avoid the increasingly tiresome subject of super injunctions leading to a spat between the judiciary in the stern figure of the Lord Chief Justice no less and that well known tribune of the people in the slightly less forbidding figure of John Hemming (Lib Dem Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley), I found solace in a busy few days for news of a less elevated kind.

I have never hidden my dislike of the so called super injunction. In my old fashioned way, just as justice delayed is often justice denied, I have always believed that it is all but impossible to do justice on the basis of a secret, one-sided hearing based on affidavit as opposed to oral evidence. Injunctions are sometimes necessary to ensure that one party is not put at so much of a disadvantage in a dispute that no amount of damages can ever put right the hurt caused by the other. Sometimes, the only way is to stop something from happening in an attempt to preserve the status quo while the court has time to hear the parties and decide on their dispute.

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No flash in the pan

In 2010, about 8 years after filing for Chapter 11 protection, Polaroid entered into a contract with Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Polaroid used to be the film company of the future, famous for its instant film cameras.

Its eventual bankruptcy in 2008 was widely attributed to the failure by management to anticipate the effect of the advent of digital photography on its film business.

And Stefani? What is her role in all this? Those of you who are well versed in such things will have immediately recognised that Stefani is better known as Lady Gaga and it is she who is now Creative Director of the company and said to be the “new face” of Polaroid.

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Nailed to the perch

When I first started writing this blog way back in August 2009, I decided that the purpose was to give a partly serious but also partly light hearted view on the world of e-discovery/disclosure.

There are, out there, any number of learned and serious articles, blogs and tweets on all aspects of e-disclosure and some are even in the Smart e-Discovery blog! My purpose was slightly different! I thought there would be interest in the views of an experienced former litigator from one of the larger law firms who had migrated towards the delivery of services to lawyers in the e-disclosure field. I may be tempting fate but almost 150 posts later (and many more by my colleagues) we have a loyal readership both directly on the blog and also on Twitter.

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